About Us

Opsam Edutainment International (OEI) is an organisation that aims to educate and entertain young and sound minds and to help nurture their dreams. Its headquarter in South Western part of Nigeria (Ibadan). The CEO, Mr Olowolafe Samuel Opeyemi (Opsam) is certified in both Statistics and Education and has more than a decade years of experience in education field and practices.

He is grounded and vast in Physical Sciences and has been teaching Mathematics, Physics and Further Mathematics for almost a decade. He is well known for unveiling, building and nurturing the potentials of young prospects with evidences in yearly external examinations and educational competitions across the country.

Also, students that have passed through him are faring excellently in their various higher institutions of learning. He is presently the Vice Principal (Academics) at The Crown College, Ibadan.

Our Mission

Opsam Edutainment International (OEI) was established to develop the minds and brains of young prospects so that they can be useful for themselves and the society now and in the future.

Our Vision

To be well known locally and internationally for building and developing minds, brains and impacting positively lives of young prospects around the globe.

Our Skills

Pictorial representation depending on our customer view.

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